Who Are You Really?

I saw a post a week or so ago that said something like, "People have 3 faces. One they show to the public, one they show to their closest family and friends, and one they never show because it is the truest of who they are."

That post went along with something God has been challenging me on, and something I was discussing with my daughter recently (and apologizing for).

As someone in the public eye, I always try to have the right words to say...actions to take, etc. That doesn't mean I always do things right, but that I try to be a light in a dark world. 

When I come home, a portion of those characteristics unfortunately relax. Not that I live like a lost person...thankfully, Jesus still keeps me in check and lovingly convicts me when I mess up, but I don't always soften my words like I should with the people I love the most, live without fear, watch my attitude or tone, be as patient as I could be, give the most spiritual advice, or check my pride. Ugh. I really dislike that.

Wait...there's more! There is the inner me...the person no-one really knows. The person who has insecurities, so many flaws and fractures, the one constantly crying out to God for help, transformation, and healing, day after day. Without Him, I'd never get out of bed.

So, who are you really? Are you the same 24/7/365 to everyone you come in contact with? Or, do you have faces...layers...levels of the real you, you share with others?

Thankfully, God knows us better than we know ourselves. He made us and if we are His, has free access to every opened and unopened door within our personality and soul.

Yet, even though He knows the real us and loves us anyway, He will never barge into an unopened area. No, He will lovingly knock, woo, call unto us and ask us to open the door.

When we finally do, He begins to throw out the garbage within and tidy the room. He sets up shop and things take on a whole new perspective.

That's what I want. I know I need some room cleaning. There are still a few doors I need to open up and allow Him access. I desire to have Him re-do and make things new.

I guess you could say I'm a work in progress. How about you?

Continually serving Him!

**Here's a great song that goes along with what I wrote.  Enjoy!