A Sad Ending for Little Charlie Gard

I've followed this story from it's very beginning.  It's been heartbreaking to watch.  The feeling of helplessness, almost unbearable.

Charlie Gard was the little boy from Britain who had a rare genetic condition known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.  The high court had decided, in their human wisdom, that  Charlie would be better off if he was simply removed from life support, as well as denying the final opportunity to die at home surrounded by his grieving family.

Though his parents, Chris and Connie, did everything they could to try and save this little boy's life, from continuous court hearings to even having a specialist from the States evaluate him, Charlie passed away this afternoon. 

So where does this case take us?

At what point do we allow our government entities to step in and decide what is best for our children?

What does this case say about those individuals who have been given a grim medical diagnosis?  Does it tell us that they are no longer worth saving?  That their loved ones are too emotionally attached to make rational decisions?

What does God have to say about life, no matter if it is at the beginning or close to the end? 

Is He pleased or saddened by this whole ugly affair surrounding this innocent baby?

And finally, was He surprised by it all, or did He allow it to happen for a reason?

These are some questions I've been asking myself.  Throughout this whole process, I've prayed hard for Charlie, especially as I held my own sweet grandson in my arms and kissed his baby face. 

Though there are no words that can bring comfort to his parents, nor create an agreeable solution to future cases, these are my thoughts on little Charlie Gard.

1.  God created life.  God alone should take it away.  I think we've become too brazen in this day and age in deciding when life begins, when it ends and who has the right to make things happen.

God said in His Word, "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

He also said, "I knit you together in your mother's womb," and "The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up."

God is the One who created little Charlie in his mother's womb.  He's the one who allowed this precious baby to have this inconceivable disease - not because He took pleasure in seeing this little guy suffer, but that He allowed the sinful affects of this world to have their way...for now.  Yet, even though Charlie's body could not sustain life on it's own, God was there, holding this precious boy's hand and comforting his parents.  He alone ushered little Charlie into His heavenly throne room this afternoon, restoring this boy to full health and vitality.

Perhaps the judges and the court system got away with hastening this little boy's death, but God had the final act on Charlie's behalf.

2. Our children should be our sole responsibility, not shared with the government.  Charlie was born to Chris and Connie.  They were the ones chosen to carry this child, bear up this child, and sit by his bedside for days on end throughout his sickness.  

God did not give our children to government entities, He blessed them to parents who would lovingly and carefully weigh all options in the best regard for these special little ones.  

We are reminded with these words, "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them."

As well as, "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

 This is not to say that doctors' opinions, medical treatments, and specific help to meet unique needs is not a good and acceptable offering in certain situations, but what is definitely wrong, is when a governmental entity steps in and supersedes a parents' authority.  That is when we've gone too far. 

Today, I pray for these sweet parents.  I pray that God's comfort will surround them as they say their final goodbye's to their little Charlie.  

I also pray for this government, court system, and strong public opinion that usurped this couple's parental rights down to his dying moments and final breath.  May you never have to walk in the shoes of Chris and Connie.  And, may your hearts be ever tender to an infant's cry as you think about little Charlie Gard.

Thankfully, for those who have a relationship with the Lord, we will one day get to see that handsome, smiling boy.  This time, under the power and authority of His Heavenly Father who loves Him.