Fourth of July Proves Deadly for NY Officer

Hey everyone.  Hope you had a fun and festive Fourth of July.

While my family and so many others gathered with family and friends, eating grilled food, feasting on smores and other summer snacks, and oo'd and aahh'd over the beauty of the fireworks, there were officers working our streets and putting their lives on the line.  We cannot forget them.  We cannot take these people for granted along with all they do to keep the peace. 

While we were enjoying the festivities, this officer was ambushed for just being an officer. 

Where is the outrage? The protests? This beautiful, young, black woman and mom was murdered as she sat in her vehicle.

We must get it in our heads...All lives matter. All lives are precious in God's eyes. 

This hatred, division and senseless killing needs to stop. Yet, in reality, those with such a venomous heart have been blinded spiritually by the enemy and will continue to promote their violence unless the Lord encounters them.

Pray for those who protect us all. Pray for those who have such darkened hearts, that God will somehow pierce the darkness and shine His light upon them. Pray that the one(s) responsible for this (yet another) tragic death, will be caught and held accountable.

Independence Day should mean freedom for all.  Including police officers just trying to keep the peace.

#weneedarevival, #Godhelpus