I Bought a Gun Today...

I bought a gun today.  It was my first gun purchase.  A privilege I have been given in this wonderful nation of ours.

The gun is actually a gift for my son-in-law.  He's graduating from police academy this week, and I wanted to give something to aid him in such a difficult and dangerous occupation.

Now, I realize many folks out there are against private gun ownership.  Many are against police, yet it is part of my DNA.  Our family bleeds blue and owning guns is a natural part of that process.

The gun I bought cannot do anything on its own.  It sits quietly and neatly in the box it came in.  The only way this gun can operate in a deadly manner is if someone were to load it and pull the trigger.  It takes human contact to produce results.

I've thought a lot about that gun.  It's kind of like God's Word.

A Bible on a table or shelf is just a book.  It cannot cut to the heart, dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow unless and until it comes into human contact.

Once a person takes it off the shelf, dusts it off and opens it up, it becomes living and active - a sharp sword in the hand of the wielder.

I say all this because objects in and of themselves cannot accomplish good or bad.  It takes human action and intelligence to produce results.

This gun I bought today will hopefully be a measure of added protection to someone I care about.  My prayer is that he will strap it on and keep it near him at all times in the happen chance an extra measure of back up is needed.

It is also my prayer that like this gun I bought, he as well as all of you who are reading this blog, will take this book that sits on your shelf or in your closet or perhaps completely absent from your home, and will strap it on...read it...and allow it to work its penetrating surgery all the way to the heart and thoughts.

Who knows but that this one, might give you the greatest advantage of all.