When God Steps in!

Last week I had the privilege of being the camp "Pastor" for girls week (3rd-6th grades).

As I prepared and prayed over what I was going to say each night, I would often second guess myself.

My devotions were ones of trial and hardship, and I continually wondered if it was too much for such young girls.

Then a God thing happened. Thursday evening is always when the gospel is presented. As the night unfolded, I saw Him move in such unexpected ways.

First, one older teen gave a testimony about some difficulties she was experiencing, and how God had spoken to her through the message of Job, one of my devotions.

Then later in the evening when the invitation was given, girl after girl rose to receive Jesus - 11 in all!

Many tearfully began to relate trials they were experiencing. Yes, even children face hard things, and yet, our Father knows exactly what we need when we need it.

His Words covered over like a healing balm, and my heart danced with excitement as I saw restoration taking the place of those once jagged edges.

Whatever it is you might be struggling with, know that God has a plan through the pain, and He intercedes for us in the mightiest of ways. Allow the Healer to heal. He is so good!