Date Ideas that Don't Cost a Fortune

Being a law enforcement couple with crazy schedules and not-so-much extra income, Rick and I have had to get creative with our date nights.  Not only that, but we've had to insist on the consistency of them.  Reconnecting as a couple is a must do in order to keep our marriage tuned up and running efficiently.

So without further adieu, here is a list of ten date night suggestions that won't break the bank, and will keep a spark in your marriage:

1. Take a hike.  It's a known fact that most officers don't get enough exercise.  Why not find a great spot that overlooks a beautiful river, or hunt down a set of old railroad tracks.  Take a hike through the woods or down a dry creek bed.  Whatever you do, get moving!  The exercise will invigorate and will offer up opportunity for some much needed one-on-one conversation.  If you're like us, you'll be looking for your next spot.

2. Geo caching.  Rick and I have not tried this one yet, but I know a few who have and have loved it!  Apparently, you can find groups on the web in your area.  You're given a spot to "find" somewhere in the back forty (woods).  Using GPS to help locate the spot, and depending on the level you choose (as far as difficulty of terrain, etc.), you may have to walk up rocky paths or wade through water, but once found, there will be a trinket or some type of marker there at the site.   This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but great for those outdoorsy-type of folks. 

3. Progressive dinner night.  Make a list of three favorite restaurants, then go to the first one and just order appetizers.  After you're done there, make your way to the second where you order salad.  Finally, your third stop will be your main course.  Though this will cost a little, if you plan right, you might find coupons or other deals to help with cost.  It's a fun way of getting out and doing something a little out of the usual.  But remember...back to the wall. :)

4.  Go fly a kite.  It's not often that we just let loose and act like kids.  When the weather is favorable, go buy a kite and take it to the nearest park or field.  You might pack a small lunch or snack to take along.  It's definitely a great way to get out and do something fun...together.

5.  Visit a unique city attraction.  Often, we live in towns or cities filled with rich historical value, or home to other unique qualities, but we never take the time to visit them. Plan out your day.  If your town is home to the largest ball of twine, then by all means make a date to visit it.  If your city has historical markers marking civil war battles or other significant sites, make a point to check 'em out.  You'll get a new perspective and appreciation for things often overlooked, and you'll be learning something together. 

6.  Bless someone else.  Think of an elderly person, a single mom, or an organization that has some type of ministry, and volunteer for a day.  Raking someones leaves or mowing a lawn can go a long way in helping us to take our eyes off self and put them on others.  Plus, you'll be sharing the blessings as a couple.

7.  Check out the range.  For cops, this will be right up their ally.  For cop's a good practice to be proficient at shooting as well.  Find a local gun range and spend a few hours target practicing together.  Those that play together, stay together. ;)

8.  Picnic and a movie.  Fix a special picnic lunch/dinner and have it in the middle of your living room floor.  And while you're at it, throw on a movie the two of you have been wanting to see.  Not a lot of expense, but a break from routine.

9.  Use the weather to your advantage.  If it's raining (and warm), take a long walk in the rain...maybe even barefoot!  Snowing?  No problem.  Have a snowball fight or build a snowman for the kids.  Sunshine and summer is an awesome time to wash the car together or have water gun war.  Fun! and inexpensive.

10.  Smores night in ye old backyard.  Clean out that rusty fire pit and start an inviting fire.  Have supplies for smores or roast some hot dogs and listen to your favorite music.  Just sitting together, enjoying one another's company is what it's all about.  Plus, guys can always find something interesting to burn. :)

Hope you will try one or more of these suggestions or come up with your own.  Couple date nights are vital in fanning the flame  of love within a marriage.

Here's to you and yours...