Lost Your Way? Let God Lead

A couple of weekends ago, Rick took me to a quaint spot in Missouri that is home to beautiful shut-ins with granite boulders the size of cars, water from the Black river spilling over those boulders, and majestic pine and other native trees dotting the landscape.

He had rented a little cabin, and had planned out a wonderful meal and itinerary for the two days we were there.  It was awesome...a much needed break from the hectic pace this world has to offer.

As the evening wore on, the campfire died down and the moon cast its shadows on the treetops, but underneath the canopy of foliage complete darkness fell upon our cabin and surrounding area.  Of course, the bathhouse was down the hill a ways from our cabin.  There was no getting up in the middle of the night unless you wanted to be surprised by a nosy raccoon or perhaps a visiting bobcat.

So, I decided we ought to make our way to the bathhouse before we settled in for the night.  Going down was not so bad.  We could see the light in the distance surrounding our destination, however on the way back up the hill, utter darkness took over, and our little cabin was not distinguishable.

Though we had packed everything we would need: food, clothing, bedding, charcoal, etc., the one essential we'd overlooked was a good flashlight.

Up the hill we went, two separate souls trudging through the dark until we reached the canopy of trees surrounding our cabin.  It was then that the darkness grew especially thick.  The pathway was almost non-existent and my mind began playing tricks on me.

Was there movement in the bush?  Did I hear something over there?  I quickly grabbed on to Rick's sturdy arm and we moved in sync towards the safety of the cabin porch.

Thinking back over our experience, it conjures up thoughts of life itself.  Oftentimes, we tell God, "Oh, it's alright. I've got everything I need.  I can see where I'm going.  Don't worry."  But then, as we make our way further onto the path, suddenly our steps are no longer illuminated and the enemy begins to put thoughts of fear and doubt into our mind.

It is at that moment, we reach out struggling to grasp our Heavenly Father's hand and allow Him to lead us to the safety of His shelter.  He knows the way.  He made the way.  All we have to do is depend on Him to guide us.

Today, wherever you are in your spiritual walk with God, I pray that you will reach out and take hold of Him.  He wants to guide you and lead you to the security of His presence.  He never left your side to begin with, but has always been right beside you even in the darkest of times.  Now that is Someone we can trust!

"...He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.  Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."  Psalm 23:3-4

From one wanderer to another,