Ten Ways to Say, "I Love You."

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, if you're like me, you scurry around to find the right card, gift or gesture for that special someone to show them how much you care. 

In all honesty, we should be showing those special people our appreciation and love each and every day.  However, for those of you who are last minute lovers (smile), then below are ten ways to say "I love you."

1.  Hide a love note in a place they're sure to find.  A good place is in his wallet or on her bathroom mirror.  A packed lunch is also a good start to leave a heart-felt note.

2.  Tell him how proud he makes you.  Recognition of great character traits or good deeds goes a long way in a relationship.  When you express a genuine thankfulness and appreciation for all he does, you're sure to melt his heart.

3.  Ask her how her day was and truly listen.  Guys...women want to reconnect after a long day.  Being able to express her frustrations, fears, and accomplishments helps her regain that closeness.  Show interest in her, and she will definitely repay!

4.  Invite him on a date.  Have everything planned out ahead of time, then whisk him away, or have him meet you at his favorite restaurant or hangout.  Drop hints ahead of time to keep him guessing.

5.  When you tell her you'll do something, follow through.  It's easy to promise to take the trash out, take the car in for a tune-up, or fix the leaky faucet, but following through is a whole other ballgame.  Those things, though small in comparison to major life events, are big to her none-the-less.  Don't delay....take care of those little things and rack up the brownie points.

6.  Wives...choose the pretty lacy thing over the flannel, even if it's cold.  Yes, this can be a sacrifice, especially in the winter.  Yet, your man will love you for it and appreciate the effort.

7.  Fix up a travel mug of his favorite hot (or cold) beverage before he walks out the door.  Send him on his way with something to start his day with.  If he's a coffee drinker, purchase a nice brand or flavor he wouldn't normally have on hand.  This will give him that extra umph to get through the day.

8.  Take the kids to McDonald's and give her an hour or two to herself.  Time to just sit and relax for any busy mom is a treasured commodity.  You will make her day with this one.

9.  Hold her hand or sit with your arm around her.  This act of love will help her feel connected and know that you care.

10.  Always start your day with a prayer for him or her.  This is the most important thing you can do for your spouse and your marriage.  Ask God to draw them closer to Him and to encourage them throughout the day.  Ask God to bless them with comfort and peace in times of trial, and protection in times of danger.  Pray that God will continually build up your marriage and help the two of you put Him first.  This is definitely one loving act you will never regret and will see great results from.

No matter what you do...do it in love.

Blessings and have a very Happy Valentine's Day.