How the Rainbow Went From Hope to Death

I find it ironic...not surprising mind you, but ironic, at all the ways the enemy (Satan) tries to copy things of God with a skewed twist.

Take for example the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Well, wouldn't you know, Satan has his own threesome in the book of Revelation - Dragon, beast and Antichrist.

We know God has multitudes of heavenly angels, as does the enemy....the fallen kind.

Jesus died and was raised back to life, defeating death, hell and the grave, paving the way for sinners to be made whole through His atoning sacrifice.  In the period of tribulation, the beast will suffer a mortal wound and be "miraculously" brought back, only to deceive, destroy and take with him multitudes into an everlasting torment. 

Oh but it goes much deeper than that.  The Holy Spirit breathes life into God's written Word supplying help to the reader.  Satan loves to take scripture and twist it, making it sound outdated, unloving, and unacceptable to those in the "know".

Today I read an online article about the State of Missouri (where I happen to live), voting down protection for those who might deny services to gay or lesbian couples, solely based on their moral and religious convictions. The headline had a big ole rainbow flag waving. 

Without getting into a major debate over whether or not I agree or disagree with the whole, radical homosexual agenda, I thought to myself, how ironic that the rainbow has transgressed from a symbol of hope and newness...renewed life and salvation, to one of division, immorality, and hopelessness.

Noah was given the symbol of the rainbow after God spared him and his other six family members, along with two of every kind of animal, from a cataclysmic flood.

It was a promise to never again destroy the earth by water...a promise of a new beginning...a celebration of life and God's salvation.

Now here we are, several thousand years later and once again our planet is on a collision course with judgment.  Once again we see the rainbow - this time not as a symbol of hope, but rather a symbol of death.  For we know via the holy scriptures that God will only allow blatant sin to have its way for a season.  The rainbow is now a celebrated chant to all ungodliness, but its joyride will only last so long.

Though God is a loving, merciful Father to those who seek Him,  He is also One who will not be mocked.  We read these haunting words in Jeremiah 8:20...

The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.

There will come a time (seemingly soon) when the grace period will end and Jesus will rise and gather His people from this world just as He gathered the faithful Noah and his family.

Then, just as the waters descended upon the uncaring, unwavering sinful people of Noah's day, fire and pestilence, war and wormwood will devour the earth and all those who bought into the enemy's lies.

And the rainbow?

Well, God will take it back once and for all from Satan the great deceiver. 

The one sitting on the throne was as brilliant as gemstones--like jasper and carnelian. And the glow of an emerald circled his throne like a rainbow. Revelation 4:3

The conclusion of all my ramblings...just wait.  Satan's attempts of enticement and sin, distorting what God said was good, will only last for a season.  His day is coming.


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