To Orlando With Love: Day One from a Humble Servant Warrior

Perhaps like you, I checked my phone and Facebook page often yesterday, wondering and waiting to hear something...anything from what God was and is going to do in Orlando.

I mean, he called Rick to GO!, and he did!!  So now comes expectation...a certain excitement to see who, what, where, and how He is going to show up. 

It may not be a huge, flashy miracle, but probably more in a personal kind word or pat on the back to someone who is at the end of their rope. 

It may come as a cup of cold water or a "hang in there" encouragement to the one standing in the hot sun directing traffic.

Whatever it is, I know and Rick knows that he definitely received marching orders to go, therefore, here is his first account of yesterday afternoon/evening.

We will keep you posted.  Keep praying!  God is good!

Day I

While walking in the downtown today area I spoke with several people including these two Orlando LEO's.
While we talked, a bus dropped off a blind man.  One of the officers immediately identified himself and helped him walk down the sidewalk.
I visited with these officers for quite awhile and was blessed to pray with them and for them and their department and community.  When asked what specific prayer requests they might have, they said, "Just pray for our community, man".  Of course, we know there are a lot of very fresh hurts there.
I found out about a vigil that would be held a few blocks away from the scene, so I walked there and talked with a few others, though I noticed there wasn't any law enforcement in or around that area. 

Tuesday, I plan to be stationed somewhere near the scene beginning at 7am.   Fellow Chaplain, Dennis Hartmann, will be joining me tomorrow afternoon and evening at the command post area, so pray that God will open doors and help us come across the ones who need us.
Just as God always does, He provided me a place to stay Monday evening with a couple who saw my prayer request on Badge of Hope Facebook page.  He is an officer as well as their two sons.  Isn't it amazing how the Lord orchestrates everything out when we make an effort to be obedient? 
Anyway, plans as of right now are to head home Thursday morning. 

There wasn't a whole lot of opportunity for pics today.  We will see what tomorrow holds and where the Lord leads. 

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support!!