To Orlando with Love: Day Two from a Humble Servant Warrior

Day two and things seem to be happening more quickly than I can type them.

Our friend and fellow Chaplain, Dennis, hit the ground running this afternoon alongside Rick, and I've been pouring over Facebook posts and pictures, not to mention messaging this one or that one and feeling like an air traffic controller communicating with an aircraft "out there" somewhere.

Even so, here is Rick's latest.  Keep praying!  God is doing great things!

Day II

What a day!

Began my morning by praying with and serving water to law enforcement on the perimeter of a family crisis and notification center.

God gave me opportunity to make some new friends, both human and dog, and talk to and pray with my brothers and sisters. What an honor and blessing for me!!

The community has stepped up tremendously with food and water everywhere! And a shout out to Bob Evans employees who have been at the center the entire time helping to keep the food stocked.

After spending the morning with officers from Orange County SD and Orlando PD, the blessings continued when I picked Dennis up from the airport. We met with an investigator involved in the investigation and prayed with him, then went back to the memorial site and was fortunate to pray for an older man for peace. His name is Tony and we told him we would continue to lift him up.

As we finished up with our new friend, we were interviewed by a news station out of Portsmouth, VA. What a God-ordained avenue to share the love of Christ and our mission as His ambassadors!

Our day ended with a wonderful meal with friends, then a vigil at First Baptist Church, Orlando.

Heading back out at 6:30 AM in the morning!  Keep us in your prayers.



  1. God bless you and give you strength to persevere during this time of service and compassion.


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