Blue Family, Rise!! For With God, Defeat is NOT an Option!

He comes home tired.

Tired of the calls and the noise, the whining, the bickering.

Tired of the fights, the threats, the killings.

Tired of a new day with new problems.

Tired of the injustice, the hate, the lies.

Tired of the politics and the talking heads.

Tired of the sin.


I wake up tired.

Tired of fighting back tears.

Tired of seeing him so weary and worn.

Tired of the feeling of helplessness.

Tired of the continual brainwashing of a greater agenda.

Tired of the worry.

Tired of the struggle.


Blue family...are you tired?  Are you feeling these same emotions?  Are you ready to give up the fight?

Please don't.  Stay in the game.  Hold your head high.  Don't be afraid.

Our God is the Great Deliverer.  He has called you for this very moment in time to do the very things that make you weary.

He knows your heart is worn.  He sees the tears spilled in the darkness.  He knows the deep hurt that wounds your heart every time another brother or sister is slain.

But here's the thing....He never leaves your side!

He is there when you can't take another step, yet gives you strength to lift your foot.

He is there when you feel as if you can't go on or want to quit.  By His power, you're strengthened to a new day.

He is there when the pain is so great you cannot catch your breath; He breathes for you.

He is there when the fears penetrate your sleep and invade your peace of mind throughout the day.  It is also He who gives you rest and sets your feet on solid ground.

This is your time to shine for Him!  He is equipping you to achieve.  NOTHING can defeat our God nor thwart His plans.

Use these times to further His Kingdom.  Be a city on a hill - a light that cannot be hidden.

Take back the darkness.  

Plow full force, head-long, into the storm.  Your Mighty Defender stands ready to aid and equip.

Do not cower.  Do not cringe.  Cling!

Your Warrior arises.

Fall in line behind Him and you will find victory!

Rise, friends.  With God, defeat is not an option!

Standing "Blue" strong,


  1. Needed this, thank you. Two weeks ago an Officer knocked on my door to take me to the hospital because mine had been hurt...he is on the mend,however with it so fresh on my mind...This morning on learning about the St.Louis County Officer who was murdered really started a haunting of thoughts ..what if's. Not feeling like quitting, just needed encouragement, familial understanding...those so needed reminders of a Mighty Defender, and the Comforter. Thank you again Kristi!

    1. Hang in there, sweet friend. I'm sure it was a hard morning for you to relive all that. It's okay to ask why. It's okay to fall into the Father's arms. He's big enough to handle it. Let Him hold you and breathe new life into your wounded soul. We'll get through this. There will be tough days, but with God, all things are possible. Stay the course!

  2. You know what's really hard? When you are a dispatcher, so you're in that same fight....even though you're not on the street, you're in the same battle, just using a different weapon. And then you come home, and you're the wife of a cop. So you listen to him and his stuff. And you're supportive. And you seek out God and ask Him for MORE strength...because that's all that you know to do. That's who you know will provide for you no matter what. I stand Blue Strong....through it all.

    1. Oh, Dawn, you are so right. Dispatchers fight their own battles as they rarely see the end results of the calls they take. I cannot imagine the frustrations and hurt you feel and then to have to stuff that all down and be a listening ear for your husband. Kudos to you, my friend. All I can say is that God knows. He sees all that you have to deal with. He understands your hurts and your frustrations. And, He can give you exactly what you need to cope with it all. Keep your eyes on Him, girl. Blue strong...God stronger!


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