Dry Bones Come to Life!

Have you ever walked through the desert with God? I mean a down and out, dry season perhaps topped off by a trial or two? I have and it's not a pleasant experience.

There's a passage in the Bible which talks about dry bones. God took the Prophet Ezekiel out to a valley full of sun-parched bones. There was no life....no vitality. There was no hope of any kind. Then God asked Ezekiel an important question, “Son of man, can these bones live?”

Can these bones live? Can anything good come out of this situation? Do you believe I have the power to transform something dead into something with life and spirit?

Do you ever question God in those dry seasons? Do you ever doubt that He is good or that He can resurrect what has been lost?

Listen friend, I've experienced those times of doubt more than I care to relate, yet, I know that God CAN alter an impossible situation. He CAN bring life. He CAN raise the rotting nothingness of our lives and give it fresh flesh...fresh perspective...fresh purpose.

In the story of Ezekiel, at the spoken word, the bones stood up and became wholeness. Allow God to speak over you today. He is able!


Check out this song by Lauren Daigle called Dry Bones.  Awesome!