Not Just a Ticket, but an Adventure!

I was driving to church on Sunday, mulling around thoughts of a couple certain individuals who I knew would not be in church that day. The thought came to me..."Why do folks want just enough Jesus to get in the door, but have no desire to really get to know Him and live the adventure?"

What if I would have said, "I do," then moved on? How would my husband have felt? Would there be much of a marriage today? Would we have as many memories together? Would our marriage be as strong...our love as pure? 

I'm not sure why we feel we can "accept Jesus" then avoid Him the rest of our lives. Does that show a grateful heart for the salvation He died for? Yet, we expect Him to be there and wink in our direction when we need a helping hand.

I don't know. Just thinking out loud here, but as for me, though I haven't been perfect, I want to try to stoke the flame of our relationship. I want to experience everything He has for me. I want Him to know me when I come into His Kingdom. I want Him to say, "Well done". How about you?