Badge of Hope Goes to Indiana!

It's been awhile since I wrote about personal things...things that myself and Badge of Hope Ministries are up to.

To say we are busy is an understatement.  I think I meet myself coming and going and don't even realize it.

Take for instance last weekend.  Rick picked me up at work early last Wednesday and we headed to the great state of Indiana.  We stopped off to spend the afternoon/evening with our kids who are attending school there.

The area was beautiful.  The company great.  We got a tour of the campus and little town they now call home.  We enjoyed a couple of great home-cooked meals - something of a rarity these days as we are never home, and since becoming empty nesters again, I refuse to cook. LOL :)

On our little excursion through the town, we stopped off by the Police Department and prayed with the Asst. Chief there.  It was a God-thing that he actually was walking out while we were walking in.  Otherwise, we would have missed the opportunity, as no other officers were in the station at the time.

On Thursday evening, we headed to Elkhart, Indiana.  This area is one of my favorites as it sits surrounded in rolling hills and amidst the beautiful Amish people.  We stopped by an old flour mill and took photos as the sun was beginning to set, then off to one of the churches there in order to meet, pray and discuss the conference we would be a part of the next day.

Friday we headed over to the convention center in Elkhart for the day's event.  I was asked to lead a break-out session in the afternoon.  Normally, I do not get nervous, but this particular event, God impressed upon me the need to just lay it out...the gospel, that is.

My session was opened up to both officers and spouses.  Without getting a complete head count, I would venture to say that I had 45 or so spread out across the room.

My worries were unfounded and God showed up in the midst of my talk.  Much of the feedback I received was "Anointed", "Awesome", "100% God".  I do not take credit for this.  It was clearly the answer to months of prayer and many more offered up on that particular day.  He moved and I will probably never know the impact that it had on folks who were there to listen.

Friday evening, though we were exhausted and worn, we made our way to a local pizza joint and enjoyed a time of food and fellowship together.

After dining for some time, we headed out to another church to be entertained by John Branyan, a well-known comedian, who brought down the house with his lighthearted puns and quips, and especially the Little Pig story. :)

 On Saturday, our kids came up and met us for a great day at the law enforcement appreciation event held each year on a total of 5 farms side by side.  There we enjoyed free food, music, zip lining, gun shooting, rock wall climbing, buggy rides, helicopter rides, loads of things for the kids, and even a gift basket to take home.  Quite an impressive display of love for those who put their lives on the line every day.

To say we are exhausted is an understatement, though a few days reprieve and we are ready to get back in the saddle.  Our next trip will be to Orlando for some good old fashioned hands on mission work.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on all the things we do while on our trip there.

Talk to you soon!