Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to Law Enforcement in Florida

Hello all!  Again, it has been awhile since I last blogged, but thought I'd catch everyone up to speed on our latest adventure.

Last Thursday, Rick and I headed to Orlando, Florida for a mission trip of sorts.  It was our desire to follow God's lead in serving law enforcement, but we already had our own agenda carved out.  God changed that agenda, and we are thankful because He did.

Friday we went to Disney World with a couple who were prior Chicago PD, but who (husband) now works for Disney in the Security Division.  It was a fun day, but also a day to lift up and encourage, not to mention adding our Badge of Hope Ministry patch to the numerous collection in one of Disney's shops!

Friday evening, after leaving Disney, we headed to Winter Park PD where we had had pizzas delivered earlier in the evening.  It was our plan to go in and minister to the officers there, but they were all out working the street by the time we got there...the building locked up.  

Saturday, we spent three hours mentoring and loving on a newly married law enforcement couple.  Marriage is hard, and law enforcement life takes a huge toll on marriages today, leaving a 65-80% divorce rate in its wake. What a blessing to pour into this couple the building blocks of marriage that we have learned over the years.

Saturday evening, we met with friends for dinner who currently live in Florida, but are on a mission for God.  Pastor Andrew Columbia was a prior NYPD officer, and is now an evangelist throughout the state.  It was a joy to see what all the Lord is doing to for them and how He is reaching other law enforcement through their testimony and heart for the Lord. 

While getting some coffee at Starbucks, we noticed a local police officer sitting in his cruiser by the beach, so we headed over and was able to give him some of our information, a Bible and pray with him before we went on our way.

Sunday we had the privilege of attending Calvary Chapel in Melbourne.  Of course as always, we received an anointed message and absolutely God-breathed and blessed worship music.

After that, we had lunch with another friend from the past, a former officer, and his family.  It was great to catch up on all that is happening and how he is seeking ways to reach the law enforcement community for Christ now as he serves from on staff there at Calvary.

Sunday evening we headed to Titusville and met up with friends, Officer and author, Mike Dye, and his family.  Of course, we ate.  That seemed to be the theme.  LOL.  Yet, what a blessed time reconnecting and networking. 

Rick and I also spent time at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum.  Always a special treat when we are in Florida.

Monday morning, we headed to the grocery store to pick up the necessary items for our luncheon at Winter Springs PD.  After gathering supplies, we headed to the pizza shop and picked up lunch, then made our way to the department.

What a blessing!  Many officers, probably around 20-25, came in and enjoyed lunch with us.  They seemed very appreciative and we were able to express our sincere thanks to them for all they do.  There was talk about a possible conference in the future.  We will definitely leave that in the Lord's hands.

Tuesday morning, we flew home bright and early.  It was hard leaving the 75 degree weather and entering the low 40's, but we felt as if we had accomplished what God had set out for us to do.

Now we look forward to what is ahead.  Who knows....we might just come your way!